Soul Revelations with PJ Spur

Who am I? Why am I here?

                                           What does YOUR Soul want to reveal?
Do you have some questions about your life? Do you wonder about some of the relationships in your life? Maybe you are experiencing unusual dreams or experiences of extreme clarity that might be frightening or unsettling. You may be hearing voices or seeing Spirit. Are any of these things happening in your life? 

You may be experiencing what some people call an "awakening." Could it be that YOUR Soul is wanting to communicate with you?

When you get in touch with that intuitive part of yourself, your Soul, you will learn that you are beautiful and creative and that you made a plan to come to Earth to live a wonderful and beautiful life!

Many times, we don’t know this. The truth is that we just don’t REMEMBER this. So, it is helpful to have a type of guide or someone in your life who will provide a new perspective.
I can help with this, as a sort of spiritual mentor, one who helps you as you are learning and growing and connecting with your Spiritual Self. Maybe you're interested in exploring your past lives.  Maybe you have experienced a loss and are dealing with GRIEF.  Perhaps you want some tools to create a better life. Allow me to serve as a guide, to be someone who shines a light, so you can see your path just a little more clearly. My husband, Steve Spur, and I also teach classes in our Soul Compass Community

I'm PJ Spur, author/psychic intuitive/mentor/hypnotist/teacher.   Through our work together, I can help you heal and recreate any relationship, including the one with YOU! I also guide folks who are aware that we are spirit beings in a human body.  I share how to navigate life with more ease and joy. Helping people to move through difficult times and teaching them to get in touch with their own inner guidance is what I love about the work I do that I now call "play." Every day, I help hurting people let go of old ways of living and turn toward new ways of being.

New:  Navigating Grief with Grace, my new book!

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By using the tools and techniques I share with you, you begin to move toward knowing yourself a little more, toward being
more “You.” 

In other words, YOU no longer have to “be” who or what somebody else wants you to be.  You come to know that it is perfectly OK to just “be” YOU! I can also share with you ways to take better care of yourself, especially if you are highly sensitive to other people and your environment.

Sound good? Sound like fun? Sound like work?  LOL  It is.

And, you know, the truth is:

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -                   ~A.A. Milne  (author of Winnie the Pooh!)

If you keep doing the same things you did last year, you’ll still be in the same place next year.  So, why not explore some new terrain?  Why not come along with me, as your Intuitive Guide and learn some new tools, some new skills and some new ways of looking at your life and your world?  I dare you.

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PJ Spur is a Psychic Intuitive, a published author, a certified holistic life coach and certified hypnotist,
with advanced training in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Exploration.  PJ is also a Reiki Master,
Angel Certified Practitioner®, Certified Spirit Guide Coach with the Deborah King Center,
SoulTopia Certified Crystal Healer: Level 1 and Level 2, and Access Bars Practitioner. She has also earned certificates
in Alchemical Hypnosis, EFT, 21st Century  Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, The One Command and InnerSpeak. 

PJ shines a light, so you can see the road ahead.  So you can walk in truth and love,  without fear.

All of the artwork on this web site has been created by Christi B.
Christi B. is a talented artist who paints beautiful "out of this world"
creations, showing a deep connection to her spiritual heritage.

Soul Revelations
PJ Spur
(972) 822-4548
320 Decker Dr. Suite 100
Irving, TX 75062


Special Note:
The services I provide are those of a guide for spiritual and personal growth. I may utilize hypnosis, Access Consciousness Tools, EFT, Reiki or any number of other energy clearing modalities. Hypnosis sessions are scheduled with the understanding that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy. I am not a healer nor a medical professional.  I am simply a guide or a type of mentor who supports you, as you achieve your optimum level of well being. If you have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or any mental illness, or chronic pain of any sort, we will work with you only after we receive a referral from your mental or medical health care provider. Please have your Doctor or Psychologist create a referral letter and e-mail a copy to:, after we have scheduled your initial appointment.

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